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Anthony "Tony" Mignogna

Class of 1982

Posted on: 10/20/2010 11:27:38 AM

Anthony "Tony" Mignogna, age 46, Class of 1982, passed away suddenly of a heart-attack on October 19, 2010. Anthony has lived in Pitcairn all of his life and was a life member of Pitcairn Volunteer Fire Co. #2. Anthony was the son of Mildred Mignogna of Pitcairn and sister of Michelle Mignogna Rakow, Class of 1984. Anthony was a sweet, loving, caring man with a constant smile and he will be missed by many. Funeral arrangements are through Pearce Funeral Home in Pitcairn with viewings on Thursday and Friday. The Funeral Mass will be at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Pitcairn on Saturday at 10 am.
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