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Mr. Richard Siegel - teacher

Class unknown or other

Posted on: 8/17/2006 5:48:15 PM

I just wanted to add a few lines about Mr. Richard Siegel. Although Blaine and Kersten were both a few years older than me, Mr. Siegel began impacting my life at around age 6. My dad and I had just finished mowing the lawn as we sat on the grass high on the hill. We could see the Glenwood kids warming up for a game of football in the field. My dad walked me across the street, introduced me, and the rest was history.

Mr. Siegel crossed the street and knocked on the door to see if "Matt could come out and play" each and every time a game was about to start.

It didn't matter that I was smaller than the others, he always encouraged me to try my best and to hit back if needed. I'll NEVER forget the million kickball, hockey, pool-volleyball games, or even the old freeze tag. He lived like a kid and stayed happy running thousands of miles across the area. He was a champion. He was a good husband and an even better father.

I don't have the details of his death and honestly can't even remember what day it was when I got up to speak at the service. All I can say is that he was a great man, an excellent teacher and I'm extremely proud to see that his name lives on with scholarships for Gators who never had the joy of taking Psychology with Mr. Siegel (thanks Mr. Douds). --- Matt Porter

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