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Donald Burik

Class of 1974

Posted on: 5/17/2008 9:51:59 AM

Donny was killed in a auto accident in December of 1979 in Florida. Everyone who knew Donny knew him as one of the nicest people they ever met. He always had a smile, a twinkle in his eye and great sense of humor. He moved to Huston to find work in 1978 and then followed the love of his life to Florida. Donny was a great friend, we played baseball together, went on many fishing trips (sometimes taking my future wife and hyperactive oldest son (whom Donny kept amused) and worked together roofing. It’s been 30 years and it’s like yesterday, I saw him a few weeks before the accident and he was doing great, he talked about getting married, starting a family & having a big house so friends could come and visit. His gravestone epitaph is apropriate: “Tread softly, an unfinished dream lies here.” He will always be missed & loved by his family and all those who knew him.
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