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Tres Mclaughlin

Class of 1981

Posted on: 8/3/2015 10:40:40 PM

I am new to this site and was just browsing thru the memorials when I came upon Tres's memorial and a million memories came flooding back. Just wanted to say a little bit about this man that probably alot of people didn't know. Tres and I were friends. We met in the strangest way. One day after school I was at my locker when another member of the football team started hassling me. Tres was nearby and heard and saw what was happening as did a lot of people did. But it was Tres who stepped in and took control of the situation. After all was said and done Tres walked me to my bus that day and everyday after. Everyday there he would be waiting at my locker to walk me to the bus. We became good friends. I can still hear him all me Miss Anne. I knew then that he was destined for greatness. We would often talk at lunch. As a member of the color guard and he a member of the football team we would often see each other at the games. He would always see me after the games and check to make sure I was Ok. What a magnificent player he was. So talented. And such a big heart. Huge. I remember when he left for college. Told him I would be watching the NFL drafts to see which teams would be fighting over him. When I heard of his tragic and senseless death I was deeply saddened As I am sure were countless others. I will never forget him such a true friend. Gone too soon.
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