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William P.(Bill) Quinones

Class of 1977

Posted on: 8/3/2015 9:13:38 PM

Bill passed away February 2011. Just shortly after our parents in May and December of 2010. He was a grad of the class of 77 , and a grad of the University of Pittsburgh, comp/ sci. He was a career long Air Force officer Lt. Colonel who did several tours of duty in Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We thank him for his service. He had just retired and was about to start a civilian job contracting with the Air Force when he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. He will be missed dearly. He is survived by his wife, 4 children, 4 grand children and 2 sisters Anne(DiNardo)Quinones '82 and Linda(Sablofski)Quinones ' 83
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